How To Screen Share

Share your desktop, show presentations, videos or charts to keep your meetings attendees engaged.

Save time, reduce complexity, and align teams


TrueConf empowers your meeting experience with powerful screen sharing capabilities that boost your teamwork and make collaboration more engaging.

Screen Sharing in TrueConf

During conferences, you can share your screen or separate windows using TrueConf client application.

  1. To switch to content sharing during a video call or group conference, select a screen or application in the control panel.
  2. Panel TrueConf
  3. A content management window will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, which will be displayed on top of all windows throughout the screen broadcast.
  4. To stop showing content, click on the red icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to show video and content in separate windows

Click the    button and select Show my video and content in separate windows from the window menu to broadcast content in a separate stream to conference participants. With this feature, the contents of your desktop can be seen even on third-party video conferencing terminals.

Panel TrueConf

During a meeting, multiple speakers may share their screen or separate application windows. In this case, participants have a useful option to switch between the screens or move the video window to an additional monitor so that they don't miss a single detail.

Sharing multiple screens

Enable your team with secure video collaboration!


What is screen sharing?

Screen sharing is the technology that allows you to demonstrate your content in real time with one or more users. With this feature you don’t need to send files, documents, or videos to your partner; instead, you can collaborate on the shared content and be on the same page.

Is screen sharing secure?

Although screen sharing technology has been around for a long time, it still has certain security disadvantages. Before demonstrating your content make sure you have closed other apps or disabled chat notifications not to put your personal communications at risk.

Can meeting participants share their screen?

Yes. With TrueConf even multiple users can share content or show slides at the same time. During content sharing, you can show a single window or the entire desktop. In the role-based conference mode, content sharing is available only for speakers, and in the all-on-screen mode all participants can share their screens.

Screen Sharing Benefits

1. Time-saving

It takes one click to share your screen with your colleagues during the conference. Instead of emailing necessary files to all the participants, you can show them your desktop or a separate application to collaboratively work on projects.

2. Communication efficiency boost

During a video conference, it can be challenging to process and memorize every piece of the information provided by the speaker. TrueConf makes it possible to follow your colleagues and co-browse through presentation materials at the same time, improving clarity in business communication.

3. Increased interest and productivity

Visualization of content makes it easier for the speaker to single out the speech highlights as well as catch the interest of the meeting attendees. Screen sharing feature gets all the participants of the video conference equally involved in the meeting.

4. Real-time document comparison

With TrueConf, multiple participants can share their desktops simultaneously. Meeting attendees can toggle between the screens they are viewing or drag-and-drop the content window to a separate display.

5. Record meetings to capture important content

Afraid of missing important information when one of your colleagues shares a screen? Use the conference recording feature to refresh your event agenda at any time or share it with your colleagues. With TrueConf, your video recordings are stored locally, which guarantees the security of your communications and minimizes the risk of personal information leakage.