Everything You Need to Know About Active Directory and LDAP Authentication

TrueConf Server supports user data synchronization via LDAP. Thanks to this feature, system administrators can centralize and automate user account management operations, such as adding new users or removing ex-employees, resetting passwords, or keeping user data up to date.

Active Directory Integration Benefits

Full synchronization. Active Directory automatically transmits all user data to the video conferencing server, eliminating the necessity to add and remove users manually, edit user accounts, etc.

Single sign-on (SSO). After the first sign-in, users don’t need to remember their passwords and spend their time logging in to their application manually each time. Improve security, productivity, and the overall user experience across your company.

Fast and easy administration. With Active Directory integration, you can centralize user account management and restrict access rights to corporate information.

Safety. Active Directory is deployed on your company’s premises in a closed network and operates via LDAP, keeping your corporate data secure from unauthorized access.

How It Works

LDAP/Active Directory

LDAP/Active Directory is a paid feature available as a part of TrueConf Server full version. We are happy to provide you with a free three-week trial with no credit card required. Please contact us to request a free trial.

If you want to learn more about how to set up synchronization between TrueConf Server and Active Directory, read our article.

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