Native integration with conference room systems

If you are looking to leverage your existing meeting room systems and investments, TrueConf has the right solution for you! With TrueConf multi-protocol gateway, you can seamlessly connect to your conference room hardware or third-party video conferencing platforms. Start your meetings with a single tap, invite your existing endpoints to the meeting, collaborate and share content without limits, or join meetings hosted by other video conferencing providers using your TrueConf application.

Native integration with conference room systems

TrueConf Server is compatible with every major brand

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TrueConf gateway capabilities


Interoperability with
standards-based endpoints

Communicate with existing SIP or H.323 endpoints: invite them to the meeting or receive their calls, view and share content, etc.

Address book

Add your room endpoint
to the address book

Track its status, make calls, configure video layouts

Multi-vendor meeting connector

Multi-vendor meeting connector

Join meetings held on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting or any other SIP-enabled service.

Meet with anyone

Meet with anyone

Meet with remote participants on desktop, mobile, conference room systems or third-party video conferencing platforms.

Full HD

Full HD video and audio

Bring Full HD video conferencing to your meeting rooms.

Wireless sharing

Wireless sharing

Forget about cable cluttering — present content wirelessly from your laptop, mobile device or conference room system.

Integration of video conferencing

Do you know that TrueConf offers native meeting room solutions?

TrueConf Room is free PC software to equip huddle rooms with 4K video conferencing capabilities. With TrueConf Room you can choose your own hardware and transform any area, from small huddle room to large-scale boardroom, into a video conferencing room β€” with just a simple PC.

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Integration of video conferencing

TrueConf Group is a video conferencing endpoint for medium to large meeting spaces. The device features native support for SIP and H.323 protocols with the built-in MCU. Based on your unique needs, it can be equipped with various AV peripherals while delivering FullHD video and crystal clear audio.

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Supported Protocols and Standards

  • H.323 stack: H.239 for content sharing; H.281, H.224, Q.922 for camera control; H.235 for media streams encryption; H.225, H.241, H.245 for signalling.
  • SIP stack: BFCP for content sharing; FECC for camera control; SRTP for media streams encryption, TLS for signalling data protection.
  • WebRTC: VP8 video codec, Opus audio codec, SRTP for stream encryption.
  • Video codecs: H.264, H.264/SVC, H.263, VP8.
  • Audio codecs: Opus, Speex, G.7xx series.

Integrate your room systems with TrueConf!