TrueConf Room

TrueConf Room is a software designed to host 4K video conferencing in meeting rooms and conference halls.

The solution is easy to install and scale: you only need a regular PC and an available AV peripheral.

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Universal Solution for Meeting Rooms

Подключение по QR-коду

Connection by QR Code

Easily control TrueConf from any compatible device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop — simply scan the QR code displayed on the main screen of the endpoint.

NDI Protocol Support

Connecting Equipment

Connecting Equipment

Easily connect NDI-compatible hardware from your local network without the need for any additional software installations!

Conference Streaming

Conference Streaming

Support for the NDI protocol enables you to broadcast the complete layout of the conference, individual participants, or a presentation in high quality to the local network.

Connecting Equipment

Multi-window Mode

Freely manage the layout and move participants to separate screens — everything is in your hands!

Conference Streaming

User-friendly Conference Management

Control the progress of the video meeting: you can customize the layout, add or remove participants, and manage users' devices with ease!


Upload your image as the background of the video layout or add a logo that aligns with your company's corporate identity.

Compatibility with Equipment

Remote control

Use any device convenient to you: laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Monitor, TV or projector.


Web or PTZ camera of your choice.


Connect microphones, speakerphones, conference systems, or speakers.

Conference Streaming

Integration with Corporate PBX and Endpoints

Connect your TrueConf Room to your server and conduct video conferences using SIP telephony and terminals from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Poly, and Avaya.

Connecting Equipment

Quick Switching Between Cameras

Choose either connected web or PTZ cameras and easily switch between them with just one click!

Conference Streaming

Convenient Display of Content

Connect to TrueConf Room using any compatible device through HDMI and share the required content!

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Connecting Equipment

Secure Authorization

Configure authorization parameters for regular users to include login options such as PIN, password, or unprotected login. Users like this will be able to participate in calls and video conferences without any risk to their system or network settings.

Conference Streaming

TrueConf Room Service Add-on

Implement any scenarios of interaction with the equipment during startup and shutdown of the endpoint, select monitors to display the main screen and control panel, and configure other startup parameters.

Connecting Equipment

Integration with TrueConf Server

Enhance your video communication capabilities by combining TrueConf Room with your video conferencing server.

TrueConf Room Overview

Discover the key features of the client application!

Connecting Equipment

TrueConf Room API

Using TrueConf Room API, you can create your own control interfaces for interactive kiosks, self-service systems and ATMs, which won’t require third-party video conferencing development.


TrueConf Room Free

TrueConf Room

Differentiation of access rights between administrators and users
Choosing the interface elements to be displayed on the home screen
Changing the background of the video window layout
Changing the logo
The inscription TrueConf Room Free on top of the video from the camera and in conferences
NDI protocol support

Created on the basis of TrueConf VideoSDK

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