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With TrueConf, it is easy to tell your story and reach new audiences. Host interactive webinars to make exciting product demos or set up virtual town hall meetings that engage anyone, on any device.

How to get started with TrueConf webinars?

Webinar conferencing software

#1 Self-hosted webinar server

TrueConf Server is a self-hosted and secure platform for scheduling and organizing live events and web conferences. Keep your corporate webinars on your own premises and in your own control with TrueConf!

Show and tell

Show and tell

Present with confidence: show slides and share any content with your audience.

Attendee engagement tools

Attendee engagement tools

Engage with your attendees using chat, audio remarks, reactions and polling.

Advanced host controls

Advanced host controls

Change layouts and meeting roles, control participants’ devices in real time.

Webinar invitations

Webinar invitations

Schedule your webinar conferences and send automated email invitations.

Live streaming

Live streaming

Stream your webcasts to YouTube, Facebook Live or other popular streaming platforms.



Record your web conferences and share recordings with your colleagues.

Webinar conference

No downloads required

Joining TrueConf webinars is easier than ever. Attendees can hop on your event from any web browser, on desktop or mobile devices - no downloads or sign ups required.

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Events that adapt to your needs
Conference webinar

For interactive web conferences

Up to 36 participants on screen who can present or interact with one another.

Recorded web conferences

For online courses and distance learning

Up to 49 students communicate only with the lecturer, while the lecturer can see and hear each student.

Webinar online conference

For product demos or virtual events

Up to 36 presenters and up to 1,500 attendees.

Real time webinar management

With TrueConf, managing large-scale virtual events is easy. Thanks to real-time webinar controls, moderators can change or disable presenters’ cameras and microphones, set and lock video layouts to keep attendees focused on the presentation.

Free web conference

Presenting with confidence

With multiple presentation tools, you can get your message across any audience. Share your desktop, co-browse and co-edit content, exchange messages instantly or upload your slide decks and presentations with TrueConf!

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Get ready for the webinar with green room

An important webinar conference is coming, but you worry that no one will be able to see or hear you? That’s where the green room section comes in! Configure your camera and microphone settings to make sure that everything works properly, join the call and enjoy the headache-free web conference.

Webinar video conferencing

Custom-branded webinars

Customize your webinar page with corporate URL, branding, logo, and company information. Build trust and deliver a unique, branded experience for your meetings, trainings and sales presentations.

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Webinar conferencing software

Host webinar conferences on your website

Get closer to your audience by letting attendees watch webinars directly on your website. No coding or API integration required! With TrueConf, you can use a simple HTML5 widget to embed scheduled web meetings on any website you want.

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Webinar conference

Hardware to optimize your webinar experience

The right camera, mic, and lighting can make all the difference in your webinar. Upgrade your audio and video quality with headsets, webcams, and more!

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What is a TrueConf webinar?

TrueConf provides businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to run large-scale events with audio, video and content for better engagement. As TrueConf Server is deployed on-prem, you can host TrueConf webinars on your server and tailor web meetings to your organization’s needs.

What can I do with TrueConf webinars?

With TrueConf webinars you can deliver online events with up to 36 presenters and up to 1,500 attendees, and use Youtube or Facebook Live to stream your meeting to an unlimited audience.

How are TrueConf webinars unique?

– Thanks to WebRTC technology, users can join TrueConf webinars from any browser by simply following the meeting URL or by downloading a one-time application

– Mobile users are always guaranteed to connect to TrueConf webinars thanks to native client applications and mobile deep linking.

– With TrueConf, conference room systems and video conferencing endpoints (H.323/SIP) can be full-fledged webinar participants with audio, video and content.

– Moderators can change global and individual layouts, assign presenters and attendees, enable/disable or change participants’ devices and adjust mic sensitivity.

– Presenters and attendees can exchange roles in real time, making it easier to manage the webinar.

– Thanks to SVC support, each webinar participant receives an individual set of video streams from other participants according to the video layout, bandwidth, and the endpoint’s capabilities, ensuring quality and reliability.

What are the system requirements for TrueConf webinars?

You can find system requirements for TrueConf webinars here.

How much do TrueConf webinars cost and how do I buy them?

TrueConf webinars are available as a paid Public Web Conference extension to your TrueConf Server license. TrueConf webinars come in different sizes depending on the number of unregistered attendees (guests) you’re planning on inviting to your webinar. There are options for annual or lifetime pricing. To learn more about TrueConf pricing, click here.

TrueConf Server Free offers 1 guest connection for organizing public web conferences.

Are TrueConf webinars available for free?

TrueConf Server Free offers 1 guest connection. You can run public web conferences for up to 50 registered users and connect 1 external user. Additionally, you can create private web conferences for up to 50 registered users.

We will be happy to provide you with a free three-week trial. Please contact us to learn more.

Are TrueConf webinars secure?

TrueConf is the most secure webinar server on the market. As TrueConf Server is deployed on-premises, all communications are stored safely within your company’s environment. TrueConf incorporates industry-standard security features, such as AES 256-bit encryption. Customers in security-conscious industries, such as telemedicine can use TrueConf as our solution is HIPAA-compliant. Finally, TrueConf webinars may be locked to prevent additional attendees or unregistered users from joining any time.

How easy it is to set it up?

TrueConf Server can be installed instantly and deployed in 15 minutes in your company’s network. Setting up TrueConf webinars is also simple: it only takes minutes to schedule and requires no training. Finally, you can add your brand to the registration page and customize your email invitations.

Try TrueConf for your next webinar conference.