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Overview of the event

DIGITAL QA Day on 12th March, 2020. In New York.

Join us at Digital QA Day 2020 happening on 12th March, 2020, in New York.

The Digital transformation requirements and its focus on Quality Assurance amends the best practices of the Culture, Business Strategy and Technology.

Digital QA Day brings together people who are passionate about Automation testing and Quality Assurance in the Digital world and is a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations.

The event features an inspiring day of talks by professional speakers focused on the influence of Digital trends in Quality Assurance.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

Our Past Speakers

Anna Ceberio-Verghese

Director of Enterprise Agile

NCR Corporation

Ken Johnston

Principal Data Science and Data Engineering Manager


Sumanta Boral

Senior Technical Program Manager


Doug Boyce

Scrum Master & Agile Coach

T-Mobile | CSM, CPO & SA

Kevin Klinemeier


Shipshape Software

Malini K RamachandraMurthy

Senior Consultant Automation SDET

Infogain Corporation

Ross Smith



Juan de Dios Delgado Bernal

Automation Testing Project Leader & QA Consultant


Kamal Mudgal

Automation Test Engineer

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Conference Schedule

Digital QA Day, New York Business Analyst Innovation Day, New York Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit

X Topic Abstract

Speed is not important if it is not in the right direction. All companies are competing to satisfy (and exceed) customer’s expectations, what strategies are they adapting to improve their operations while avoiding extinction.

X Topic Abstract

1. Making data driven assumptions and recommendations for product and customer experience optimization.
2. Combining persona, web surveys and customer service insights to understand customer's journey and pain points.
3. Defining customer driven product roadmap vs business driven product roadmap.
4. Always start your requirement user story with "As a Customer I'd like to"
5. How AB testing in combination with web analytics and customer session recording are delivering enhanced customer experience.

X Topic Abstract

Intelligent Automation (IA) helps companies realize the next wave of operational efficiency, experience true insight from data rich analytics and accelerate their digital evolution. Intelligent solutions can emulate human behavior, make decisions and learn from experience.

Organizations interested in achieving operational efficiencies in their business and IT processes through Intelligent Automation employ a three-phased strategy. The first phase involves assessing the current level of process automation maturity and identification of pilot quick win opportunities to begin the Intelligent Automation journey. The second phase is to identify what the major business/IT processes are and align them along the Do-Think-Learn service continuum. The last part of the strategy is to define a roadmap using the crawl, walk and run framework. This session enables participants to learn the evolution from Standard process automation using Robotics to Enhanced intelligent automation using machine learning and artificial intelligence through real-life case study examples.

X Topic Abstract

X Topic Abstract

Gartner estimates that almost 80% of today’s enterprise data is unstructured, which means either it is being handled by a human or not at all. However, with the evolution of AI and RPA, the art of the possible has evolved. Our solution will outline how Cedrus helped one of the largest US healthcare payers manage thousands of incoming unstructured emails (and attachments) a day through Cognitive Automation. Hanna Aljaliss, Cognitive Automation Lead at Cedrus will demonstrate how his team was able to design and implement a real-world solution for a major Healthcare payer.

Solution capabilities include:

✓ Immediate response to incoming requests
✓ Significant reduction in manual labor
✓ Straight-through processing
✓ Reduced errors
✓ Exception handling
✓ Dashboarding of performance KPIs
The age of AI RPA is real!

X Topic Abstract

In Agile environment, release engineers, test engineers and other responsible IT professionals are challenged with releasing new features, products and enhancements with the speed of light. Businesses expect them to transform test timelines from months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes.

As an engineer, how would you ensure quality build in this ever decreasing timelines?

How would you feel confident in what is going out the door with little to no time?

What tools and techniques would you choose and why?

What policies and procedures would you implement and why?

Is there a magic bullet that can speed up our application quality in given time?

Join us as we uncover our journey of evaluating and choosing tools and techniques, inventing new processes, policies and methods to lead a peaceful, faster and reliable quality release processes.

But wait, were we perfect? What are our learnings along the way? What changes in processes and teams mindset had become necessary? How did we receive approvals on expensive tools and resources? How did leaders showcase Return on Investments?

X Topic Abstract

With the current innovations in AI-based testing, bots are capable of autonomously coding test scripts, testing the UI functionalities and also generating test data. Today, AI Bots can write test script containing 200 lines of code under 1 minute. In these session we will discuss the advancement in AI based testing and how you can utilize the same in your Agile team.

X Topic Abstract

I will discuss the Review of Production behaviour, Response payload, Ensure versions and patches identical, Try normal, off peak, peak load and surge load to analyze performance, Test Data, Need to be automated for quick turnaround of tests, Database set up, Need to be close to Prod - preferably full prod without sensitive info, Review of popular industry tools, May or may not be a good fit, In-house development sometimes needed, Running Performance Tests, Analysis of Performance Tests, Cloud to rescue, Easier to set up and run tests - a perfect fit only when Prod also runs in cloud and Performance Engineering practices

X Topic Abstract

Many large-scale software systems must service millions of concurrent requests. These systems must be load tested to ensure that they can function correctly under load (i.e., the rate of the incoming requests). We will discuss techniques and tools that are used in the different phases of a load test: (1) designing a proper load, (2) executing a load test, and (3) analyzing the results of a load test.

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Our Speakers

Vivek K. Sukumaran

Business Analyst

New York & Company

Hanna Aljaliss

Partner - Cognitive Business Automation


Vandana Viswanathan

Intelligent Process Automation & Cloud Transformation Consulting Leader


José Francisco Valiente

Growth Platform Offering Manager


Joshua Beaudry

President; Director of Automation


Patricia Bogoevici

Regional Director - Kubernetes Strategic Services


Monika Budhiraja

Sr. Quality Engineer and Release Manager


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