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Overview of the event

Testing Conference in would be the largest gatherings of its kind of IT professionals and will bring together some of the top minds in Automation, Agile, Testing, RPA development, coding, Enabling the developer community to discuss future challenges and self-learning.

Join us Online on September 18, 2020 to have a never before experience with the best minds in Software Testing.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

TestingConf Online Summit,
X Topic Abstract:

We live in a new world of rapid deployment. Cloud-based services are always available and new features are regularly deployed. How can we find esoteric gaps in test coverage? Applying data science and machine learning - clustering and topic modeling using source data from raw text customer feedback, product telemetry, and customer support case text can help identify gaps in test coverage, performance issues, and user scenarios that can drive product improvements. “Always connected” users offer new learning opportunities to help improve quality.

Speaker Profile:

Modern Workplace Engineering - Supportability

Ross is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and blogger. Author of The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention and holds seven patents. He is currently a PhD Scholar, part of University College Dubiin’s SmartLab program, researching the impact of AI, robotics, and automation on worker displacement.
He has worked at Microsoft for over 28 years and is a member of the Leadership Council for the Anita Borg Institute, co-chair for Grace Hopper Organizational Transformation track. He is a co-leader of ABI Local in Seattle, and part of the gender partner LT and ”male ally” panel discussions at the IEEE Women in Technology and National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) Summit and TechCrunch. Work with iUrbanTeen and Native Americans at Microsoft. He is a member of the board of Spreeha, working to break the cycle of poverty.
Developed 42projects to promote cultural change, develop organizational trust and improve the lives of the managed. To help develop the next generation’s interest in STEAM (STEM+Arts), he works with the Skype in the Classroom program and events like iUrbanTeen day at Microsoft . He was invited to the White House for discussion on women in STEM. Keynote speaker for the ARTBA’s Transovation 2014-2016. The work of his teams have been mentioned in Forbes, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, PSFK, the American Journal of Play, Harvard Business Review, and the London School of Business.
He has presented at SXSW, MIT Solve, Grace Hopper, Serious Play, Games for Change, and several other large conferences.
His academic research papers are published on ResearchGate. He is a blogger for SHRM has worked on Skype Translator. He is an avid reader and loves to travel.

X Topic Abstract:

No matter how good their test automation framework is, QA managers and engineers still get blamed whenever defects escape to production.
This begs the question, why are critical defects — whether functional or non functional — escaping to production?
In this live virtual session, Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto by Perforce, will uncover the root causes behind escaped defects in traditional testing cycles.
Eran will provide a prescriptive and proven approach to building a solid test automation coverage strategy that reduces such risks.

X Topic Abstract

The need for rapid innovation and differentiated customer experience has triggered evolution of new architectural patterns with organizations moving from monolithic to microservices based platforms. Traditional testing frameworks have limitations supporting these new models. M uous test orchestration solutions. Shifting from UI based to microservice based tests also require a cultural shift in the mindset of QA teams. The objective of this presentation is to review some of the best practices in testing microservice based platforms.

X Topic Abstract

When is the last time that you dusted off your organization’s Test Automation Strategy? Do you even have a strategy?
In this presentation I will show you:
Why is a Test Automation Strategy so important
How you might understand your current test automation culture
How to identify the problems you want to solve
Why defining your guiding principles is the next step
Building a strategy is the easy part
Why it is all about a mindset change
How to sustain your new strategy

X Topic Abstract

Experience sharing of one of the team and understating the importance of why build in quality from inception is required.

X Topic Abstract

1. Python - Intro
2.Anaconda Installation
3.Data types in Python
4.Data structures in Python
5. Operators and Functions
6. Control flow statements

X Speaker Profile:

Over 13 years of diverse techno-functional experience at HSBC, Capgemini (Morgan Stanley) and Fiserv as a Project Manager/Organizational Change Agent at both onsite (US, Costa Rica) and offshore (Pune, Noida) locations. Extensive experience in Software Delivery and consulting, Process Optimizations & Simplification, Agile coaching & implementation, organizational culture change and DevOps tools implementation and management. Proven skills in leading organization wide initiatives to bring cultural and technological transformations to bring agility in deliveries and accelerate time to market. A test evangelist with proven track record of test process optimization, automation ROI and agile scrum coaching.

X Topic Abstract

Points to cover
1) In-depth reviews of Agile projects, designed to assess the health, profitability and client Satisfaction
2) Crucial checkpoints to review Agile projects
3) A mechanism for leadership to communicate or reinforce key messages
4) Actions to improve Sales and Delivery Performance which helps for
* Improved Forecast Accuracy
* Improved Contribution Margin on the projects
* Go-to-Market Assistance for Sales team
* Any Delivery Quality improvements

X Topic Abstract:

Agile Development and Continuous Delivery are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for software development. The key business driver behind these initiatives are faster time to market (FTM). Mr. Vamsi Mohan Vandrangi is going to speak more on "Test Automation Approach in Agile World" in the Testing Conference. He will be discussing about various strategies for implementing efficent test automation, different ways to make successful test automation in Agile world and implementation best practices.

Speaker Profile:

Mr. Vamsi Mohan is IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus and research scholar in Computer Science from the University of Delhi. He is currently working as a Principal Solution Architect at Tech Mahindra, catering digital transformative solutions to the Fortune 100 telecom clients. A Technology acumen across a range of digital technologies, including RPA, AI/ML Blockchain and cognitive engineering. He has end to end life cycle experience, architecting from the traditional monolithic frameworks to Microservices frameworks. He is keen in strategizing the testing practices for the modern frameworks including web and mobile. Prior to his current role at TechM, Vamsi served in various senior leadership roles managing Technology CoEs, Digital Innovation Centers in EMEA and APAC regions. His experience spans various technology solutions focusing on future-proofing business through digital transformations and the delivering of customer fit solutions. He is a conference speaker, published author, guide and reviewer for several technical books, magazines and international journals in technology, and management.

X Topic Abstract:

The main reason of test automation lagging behind in the software testing lifecycle and becoming a technical debt later, is the inability to conceptualise and create automation tests before the application is ready. Waiting for our application to be developed and stable to begin automating our tests may not be the smartest way and leads us to constantly playing catch-up with the new features. Sahi Pro's latest release 9.0 introduces the brand-new concept of Business Driven Test Automation (BDTA) which solves the problem of functional automation in a simple and elegant way. BDTA allows creation of Business Scenarios very early in the development cycle - right at the feature conceptualization stage. BDTA is an Intuitive and easy framework that allows business testers to automate their tests easily. Testers can express the business intent in natural language, record actions, parameterize and data drive the tests, all through an intuitive UI. Watch an informative hand-on demo on Business Driven Test Automation using Sahi Pro.

Speaker Profile:

Nishi is a corporate trainer, an agile enthusiast and a tester at heart! With 12+ years of industry experience, she currently works with Sahi Pro software as an Evangelist and Trainings Head. She is passionate about training, organizing testing community events and meetups, and has been a speaker at numerous testing events and conferences. Nishi is also a writer on technical topics of interest in the industry and has numerous articles published at numerous popular forums and her own blog where she writes about the latest topics in Agile and Testing domains.

X Topic Abstract:

With the current innovations in AI-based testing, bots are capable of autonomously coding test scripts, testing the UI functionalities and also generating test data. Today, AI Bots can write test script containing 200 lines of code under 1 minute. In these session we will discuss the advancement in AI based testing and how you can utilize the same in your Agile team.

X Topic Abstract:

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing helps to generate text-processed steps that can generate automated scripts on the fly. Anyone who quickly wants to validate the website work flows can generate test scripts on the fly and run them reducing manual work. Azure Machine Learning Studio and Spacy NLP Library both have text-Processing trained models that can process English like test case steps into a Format that can be fed into a developed framework that generates Selenium Automated test scripts.

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Our Speakers

Malini K RamachandraMurthy

Senior Consultant


Jaco van Tonder

Specialist Test Governance


Anju Gahlawat

Agile Coach


Siri Srinivas

Ex- VP JP Morgan Chase,Principal in Quality Assurance

Sabre Travel Technologie

Parish Sharma

Agile Coach and Testing Manager


Dhananjay Rajurkar

Director (Delivery Assurance)


Ross Smith

Modern Workplace Supportability Engineering Leade


Eran Kinsbruner

Chief Evangelist


Venkatesh Venkataraman

Director QA

Oracle Corp

Nishi Grover

Evangelist & Head of Trainings

Sahi Pro

Vamsi Mohan V

Principal Solution Architect

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Nimisha Verma

Enterprise Agile Coach

Goldman Sachs

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SGD 100 Till September 18, 2020

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Who can attend TestingConf Online Summit ?

TestingConf Online Summit 2019 is open to anyone who has an interest in Agile, Automation Testing, Automation Frameworks or any related field.

We will share the WebEx link after you have registered.

Why to attend TestingConf Online Summit ?

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organization or testing department and testing center of excellence should be solving for now: How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how? What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage? TestingConf Online Summit 2019 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT Recognize, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technologies. Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies.Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?

Best practices while attending online conference:

Login to your system with the login detail 10 minutes prior to the start time
Should be connected to a good network to avoid interruptions.
Should be at a quiet place while taking your session.
Ensure all other windows are closed and no application is running. This will ensure good audio and video quality
Mute yourself if not expected to speak
Do ask the question via chat box to keep the session lively.
You can Ask questions

Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.